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Save Time, Earn More Revenue

Save Time

Say goodbye to lost paperwork, notepads, confusing spreadsheets and constant questions about your availability. Fit Hit allows you to run your business from your phone, saving your huge amounts of time for what you enjoy.

Earn More Revenue

Fit Hit allows your business to take payment online either for one classes / sessions / days, packages and even monthly memberships. With regular automated payments it means your finances are less likely to fluctuate and removes the burden upselling and asking for payment.

Train Smarter, Train Smarter

Train Smarter

Fit Hit helps you stay organised, track client progress attendance history, and increase client loyalty. With our in app communication, you can engage with your clients mroe getting them better results.

Train Smarter

Running your business is like training. If you dont track your progress, you won't achieve your goals. Fit Hit Connect will control and drive your business to where you want to take it, while removing the boring and stressful admin side which every business hates.

What Our Users Have Said

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I've never trained before but I wanted to change that. On Fit Hit I found personal trainers nearby and won a free 8 weeks course. By the end, I lost 18lbs and my eating and living habits have completely changed. I feel so much more confident and healthier.
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Shiobhan Odette Joicey
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Being a parent, i was looking for classes to suit my times as well as classes for my children. Using Fit Hit, i discovered lots of new classes nearby which i never knew existed and best of all, i can see the times so i just book myself and my kids into classes at any time without the need to call them up.
Vanessa Lee
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We teamp up with the best fitness business in your area so that we can bring you the best promotions, price and choice

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Go train and enjoy yourself

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